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Federal Metals in Calgary Sells Steel Channel

Like all steel products, steel channel is sustainable, durable, and versatile and is the most recyclable metal on the planet. It is often used for structure and edging projects to provide a sturdy finish.

Federal Metals is a proud provider of Calgary steel channel that will service all your architectural and structural needs. As a provider and recycler of metals since 1950, we sell high-quality steel and can buy back your scraps to recycle at our sustainable plants.

Steel Channel Iron (Price/Foot)

Size Price Per Foot
11/2 $1.32
2 $2.48
3 $3.22
4 $4.23
5 $6.12
6 $7.21
7 $9.46
8 $11.27
9 $20.98
10 $13.44

Steel Channel Iron (Price/Foot)

Size Weight Per Foot
1 1/2 1.13 lb
2 2.57 lb
3 4.10 lb
4 5.40 lb
5 6.70
6 8.20 lb
7 9.80 lb
8 11.50 lb
9 14.40 lb
10 15.30 lb

Why Use Steel Channel?

Steel channel is ideal for all structural uses, including general construction and repairs. It is often used in industrial maintenance and to build transportation equipment and agricultural machines. Because of its unique shape, it is ideal for edging and structure-enhancing projects.

Steel channel is perfect for architects – it enables you to create an environmentally-friendly construction design. Since the product is both strong and light, it works well in tall, complex buildings.

Unlike wood, it also resists warping in more humid rooms like basements (or various rooms in homes that need to survive cold Calgary winters).

Our 44W hot-rolled channel steel is only the highest quality and is 100% sustainable and recyclable. Our channel steel comes in 10- and 20-foot lengths.

Contact Us for All Your Steel Channel Needs

We sell steel channel to Calgary in a variety of sizes, costs, and weights. If the size you need isn’t listed, contact us to describe the size you need. We also provide mill certifications upon request so you can be sure your steel comes only from the best locations.

Federal Metals is your one-stop-shop for metal needs: our large and varied steel channel inventory that will fit all your commercial and industrial needs. View our chart below to see the steel channel products we offer at affordable costs.

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