Federal Metals in Calgary, buys and recycles ferrous scrap metals—including steel, iron and cast iron.

Too Good to Scrap

We pay a premium for those materials deemed usable, including:

 Structural Steel: The most popular framing material for non-residential buildings, structural steel, comes most often in the form of columns and beams.

 Angle: Federal Metals recycles all metal angle products, so if you're looking to sell your scrap metal in Calgary, give us a call.

 Channel: Bring your Calgary scrap metal channel pieces to us!

 Hollow Structural Section Steel: We take all forms of scrap metal—including

hollow structural section steel!

 Plate: Metal that has been flattened into a sheet

 Beams: Beams that are in longer lengths (typically 10 feet and longer) and straight

Established in 1950, Federal Metals Inc offers scrap copper in Calgary. You can rest assured that you are working with a trusted team when you choose to recycle your scrap metal with us. As one of the oldest scrap metal buyers in Calgary, we provide competitive rates. Over the years, we have kept ourselves updated with the latest technology, and are able to recycle large volumes of scrap metal for commercial and domestic clients alike.


We’ll provide you with a competitive price if you’re looking to sell scrap copper in Calgary. We also have the expertise and skills to recycle other scrap metals such as steel, iron, and cast iron.

Don’t Throw Away Your Scrap Metal

It may seem right to hire a truck, and get rid of the waste from your yard. However, selling it to a recycling company such as Federal Metals Inc could prove lucrative for you or your business. Scrap yards such as ours can easily accommodate scrap metals including copper, iron, steel, aluminum, and brass. We’ll ensure that you get the right price for your scrap metal when you sell it to us. Need another reason to have us collect your scrap metal? How about freeing up space? Identify a buyer like Federal Metals and obtain the right price for your scrap.


Contact Federal Metals Inc for Scrap Metal Recycling in Calgary

If you have scrap metal in Calgary that you would like to recycle, but it is not listed above, contact us and we’ll let you know if we can recycle it. In addition to having a facility to bring your ferrous scrap metal in Calgary, scrap metal prices that are quoted are highly competitive! With over 70 years in the business, Federal Metals Inc is the easy choice when it comes to recycling your metal. We also have a large inventory of products to fit your residential and commercial needs and inform you of the most current scrap metal prices in Calgary.

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