Why Offer Your Old Car as Scrap Metal?

Your old, worn down vehicle has been parked in your driveway for months, perhaps even years. It may not be worth much if you sell it privately, but if you have ever seen them, you may have noticed that there are companies out there willing to buy your scrap vehicle. These vehicles that do not operate are no problem at all for metal recyclers in Calgary; in fact, your old clunker is a treasure!

The Value of Old Vehicles for Metal Recyclers in Calgary

That old vehicle of yours is comprised of all varieties of precious metals. Older and even broken, badly damaged vehicles are worth more in scrap than they are as a whole. From the alternator to the metal components themselves, there is plenty of value in your vehicle. Two main reasons more individuals are scrapping their vehicles rather than trying to sell them include:

  • Extra Income - While you could not sell your vehicle for much right now, offering the scrap can help you earn plenty of extra cash. The metal and materials used in the engine, components and body of your car are worth a lot more than you might realize.
  • It Improves the Environment - Recycling your old vehicle actually helps the environment. Instead of companies using precious resources to find these metals in their raw ore form, your vehicle’s metal can be scrapped and reused. Also, there is less hazardous waste being poured into local landfills when you scrap your vehicle versus simply throwing it out.

Preparing Your Vehicle Scrap

To get the most out of your scrap metal, you will want to do a few things to your vehicle before bringing it to your local scrap yard in Calgary at Federal Metals, Inc. These steps include:

  • Removing all trash from the inside of the vehicle, including any truck beds. You do not need to wash or vacuum clean the vehicle, but large debris and trash should be removed.
  • Remove and drain the gas tank. This can increase the value of your scrap and prevents the scrap yard from having to do it for you; a service that often comes with a fee.
  • Drain all fluids from the vehicle as well. The less preparation work that has to be done, the more value there is in your scrap.

Federal Metals, Inc. accepts scrap metal in Calgary. We know the value in recycling outdated or broken down vehicles and we are here to improve our country’s sustainability. Learn more about our process for vehicle scrap metal. Give us a call at 403-236-0402 or contact us online.

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