Why is Copper Such a Valuable Metal?

Copper recycling is an important industry in Calgary and throughout Canada. Copper is a very valuable metal which can sell for good scrap metal prices at scrap metal recyclers in Calgary such as Federal Metals Inc. To say that copper has influenced cultures and economies throughout the world for several millennia would not be an overstatement.

First sourced and used by humans over 10,000 years ago, copper has grown steadily in use ever since. In fact, a child born today may use close to 2,000 pounds of copper over their lifetime in their housing, their transportation, and in the products that they buy. Copper will continue to play a vital role in humanity's future, as it is an important component of many technologies used to produce renewable energy.

Some of the properties which make copper so valuable include: that it is highly malleable and easily molded into a desired shape, that it is resistant to rust and corrosion, that it is a fantastic conductor of heat and electricity, and that it is antimicrobial. Copper can also be easily mixed with other metals in order to create numerous alloys which can further enhance its natural benefits. Two of the most common copper alloys are bronze and brass.

Copper is a staple of modern building and construction. About half of the copper found in an average home is used for the wiring of electricity. Copper can also be found throughout a home's plumbing system, such as in the pipes and fixtures. Various home appliances, such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and air conditioners, utilize copper for its insulating and conductive properties.

Copper is found abundantly in the electronic devices we own, the vehicles we drive, and the telecommunication systems we use to connect with each other around the world. Copper is also used to make many tools used in hospitals and other medical settings as bacteria is unable to grow in its surface, reducing contamination risk.

One of the most beneficial aspects of copper is that it is a highly recyclable metal. It can be recycled and reused without any detriment to its quality, meaning that recycled copper is just as conductive, malleable, and corrosion resistant as copper sourced from virgin ore. An astounding 80% of the copper ever mined from the earth is still being used for various purposes to this day.

Not only does taking scrap copper to scrap metal recycling facilities in Calgary help the environment by decreasing demand for virgin ore, but it can also be more lucrative for you than selling other scrap metals. You can get fair and competitive scrap metal prices in Calgary for your scrap copper at the Federal Metals Inc. recycling facility.

Scrap Copper in Calgary
For over 60 years, the metal suppliers and scrap metal recyclers at Calgary's Federal Metals Inc. have been making metal recycling easy and convenient for all Calgarians. Contact Federal Metals Inc. today if you have any questions about how you can make some extra cash by recycling your scrap copper with us.

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