The Many Uses of Recycled Metal in Calgary

Humans have used steel for at least 4,000 years to create everything from weapons to utensils. Steel can frame a skyscraper, airport, stadium, or bridge; it’s a crucial element of your car; and it holds the world together in the form of nuts, bolts, and screws.

Since steel is so widely used, it’s a good thing it’s so recyclable! At least 60% of the world’s steel is recycled annually, conserving natural resources and powering the world market.

Steel isn’t the only metal whose scraps can be put to good use; a variety of metals, from copper to aluminum, can be melted down and remoulded to create durable, strong products. Metal recycling is good for the earth, the economy, and human creativity – read on to see the ingenious ways recycled steel has been put to use in today’s world.


Have you ever thought that scrap metal can beautify the world? Some people can see the potential for artistic beauty hiding in the scraps. In the right hands, scrap metal can become an eye-popping, three-dimensional statue. Artists have used scrap metal to create dragons, bison, action figures, giraffes – you name it, an artist has created a beautiful version of it out of scrap metal.

Scrap metal art is growing in popularity – you may have seen a scrap-metal garden statue in a friend’s yard or at an outdoor sale.

Many museums feature scrap-metal galleries or shows. The Enchanted Highway in the U.S.’s North Dakota even showcases the world’s largest scrap-metal sculptures, complete with picnic tables shaded by the lovely scrap metal creations.


Everyone from designers to amateurs can and do create unique jewelry products from recycled metal. Recycled gold and silver are prime candidates for beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Try making your own homemade jewelry or browse your local jewelry store – you’re sure to see some high-profile designer products made entirely from recycled metals.


Scrap iron, steel, and aluminum can be used to make virtually the same things as newly mined iron, steel, and aluminum.

Recycled metal can make anything as small as a can (25% of all steel cans are made from recycled steel) or as large as a plane.

The can you recycle today could very well go toward creating the guard rail that could save your life, or the skyscraper you take a jaw-dropping elevator ride on next summer.

Why Recycle?

When you recycle your Calgary scrap metal, you contribute to the unique projects above, as well as to improving the environment and creating jobs that boost the economy. Best of all, most recycling plants pay you for your scrap metal!

Don’t throw away your leftover scraps or let them collect dust in the garage – visit Federal Metals and let your old metal create something new, sustainable, and beautiful.

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