Scrap Metal in Calgary

Uses for Scrap Metal

Metal recycling in Calgary offers environmental and economic benefits. It allows products that have been manufactured years ago to later be dismantled and reused, thus helping to keep the circular economy alive.

Scrap metal is one of those products that can constantly be re-melted and re-shaped into something else. It’s not surprising therefore, that there are more uses for scrap metal than you might realize.

Ways that Scrap Metal Can Be Reused

There are a variety of ways in which scrap metal can be reintroduced into new products. Just some of the uses most commonly seen include:

  • Industrial - Iron and aluminum are common metals used in construction and industrial industries. They can be used for aircrafts, automobiles, bridges, roads, buses, etc. These metals can also be repurposed into containers, appliances, and more. By recycling these metals, industrial and construction industry costs go down and their associated waste decreases too.
  • Creating Stronger Metals - Recycled steel can be made into high-quality tools and tougher, stronger metal products. The same goes for stainless steel. Copper and aluminum can also be melted and manipulated to become stronger, more durable materials. By reusing metals, rather than mining raw ore, companies can protect the environment and lower their manufacturing costs.
  • Home Furnishings - A growing trend in home furnishings is recycled metal products. They offer a beautiful, durable finish that complements numerous home styles.
  • Art - Calgary scrap metal pieces can also be used to create art. From sculptures to display pieces for city centres, there are numerous ways to create something beautiful from scrap metal. Decorative metalwork has become a popular demand at local art galleries and is something that consumers love to display inside their home.

There are so many uses for recycled metals, from stainless steel to iron to brass and copper. When these metals are recycled, it benefits the environment as well as the economy. Not many of us realize that it costs more to mine and refine ore than it does to recycle scrap metal.

Federal Metals, Inc. buys and sells scrap metal. Come see our scrap metal in Calgary to use for your own project or to purchase for manufacturing. If you have ferrous, non-ferrous or electronic metals, we will buy them. Learn more about our recycling service by calling us at 403-236-0402 or contact us online.

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