Understanding Scrap Metal Prices in Calgary

Scrap metal recycling in Calgary is beneficial to the environment, but also your pocketbook. However, the only true way to maximize the benefit of recycling is to know what a fair price is for the metal you are offering. In order to do that, you need to understand what goes into determining these prices and how you can assess the value of your own scrap metal.

Assessing the Value of Scrap

The price of scrap metal will depend on several factors: from the type of metal you are offering to where you got it and if that metal is bound with other non-metal materials. The more work a scrap company must put into retrieving the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the less value in the scrap. However, that does not mean you will not be paid for it; it simply means you may get a lower price. Some other considerations that are made when assessing the value of scrap metal include:

  • Quantity - The volume of scrap metal you bring can earn a higher price than if you bring in only a handful of items. That is why it is recommended you bring in your delivery of scrap once a month and try to gather up as much scrap as you can within that time.
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous - Non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, brass and copper) are worth more than ferrous metals (steel). This is because non-ferrous metals are more difficult and costlier to mine naturally, while ferrous metals are easier to find. Also, the type of metal will depend on the type of scrap yard you are at. Some companies only deal with ferrous metals, while others will accept both. Obviously, you will get the best pricing by going to a recycler that deals in the type of metal you are recycling.
  • Future Pricing - Just like currency and other commodities, metal prices will fluctuate greatly. Certain trends can lead to higher prices for certain types of metals. Metal is traded internationally too, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on trends throughout the world and look for demand trends.
  • Geography - You will most likely find the best prices at a Calgary scrap metal company near you versus elsewhere. Federal Metals, Inc. stays on top of the latest pricing trends and because we are local, you save on shipping costs.

Federal Metals Inc. offers metal and copper recycling in Calgary. We stay on top of market trends and try to offer our buyers and sellers the best possible rates for their scrap. Find out more about the metals we accept and our pricing. Give us a call at 403-236-0402 or contact us online.

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