Top 10 Metals to Scrap for Money in Calgary

Recycling and reusing metals are both great for the environment and potentially lucrative ways to get some extra cash straight into your pocket. Unfortunately, most metals that can be recycled for scrap in Calgary end up in the garbage because people simply aren't aware that they can instead take their scrap to the metal recyclers at Federal Metals Inc.

Here are 10 metals that you can scrap for money, as well as where they are commonly found:

  1. Aluminum - Aluminum is among the easiest metals to find and scrap. It can be sourced from food and beverage cans, siding, gutters, window frames, doors, roofs, cars, and boats.
  2. Brass - Brass is often used to make items such as light fixtures, valves, doorknobs, pipefittings, bullet casings, faucets, and various other bathroom fixtures.
  3. Copper - Copper wire and copper piping is one of the main targets of most metal scrappers. Copper can also be found in roofing materials, switches, and circuits.
  4. Lead - Soft and pliable, lead has a variety of applications. These applications include cable sheathing, piping, ammunition, roofing, and flashing.
  5. Steel - Steel is one of the most common building materials in the world, and as such it can be found in construction projects, cars, fencing, furniture, pipelines, machinery, storage tanks, and tools.
  6. Stainless Steel - Stainless steel, a steel alloy, is prolifically used in kitchenware items such as cookware and cutlery. It is also used to make surgical instruments, industrial equipment, jewelry, and even firearms.
  7. Zinc - Zinc is often used to galvanize, or coat, steel and iron items. On its own it can be found in electrical conduit fittings such as elbows and couplers, screen door handles, lawn mower frames, and even metal BBQ emblems.
  8. Nickel - Nickel is mainly used to make stainless steel alloys, but pure nickel can also be sourced from construction jobs, microphone capsules, guitar strings, and rechargeable batteries.
  9. Iron - Chances are you have plenty of iron out in your yard in the form of fencing, patio furniture, trellis, and arbors. Iron is also commonly used in machinery, tools, and building components.
  10. Cast Iron - Cast iron is a very common household metal, as it is often used to make oven trays, skillets, pots, pans, and numerous other cookware items and accessories.

Competitive Prices for Your Scrap Metal in Calgary

Federal Metals Inc. is a scrap metal recycler and supplier that offers competitive prices for scrap metal in Calgary. Bring in your scrap metal today or contact Federal Metals Inc. if you have any questions about the scrap metal recycling process.

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