Best way to strip copper wire Calgary

Stripping Copper Wire for Scrap Metal Recycling

Copper, because it is a highly sought after metal, can be sold as scrap metal to metal recyclers and suppliers in Calgary. If you are thinking of selling some copper wire to a metal recycler such as Federal Metals in order to make some extra cash, then you are going to need to strip the plastic insulation from the wires first.

Burning is not an option for stripping copper wire, as it is against City of Calgary bylaws. You can, however, get some help from the sun. Leaving your copper wire outside on a warm day can help soften the plastic and make it easier to use one of these three methods of wire stripping:

Stripping Copper Wire with a Utility Knife

If you don't have any tools that are specifically designed for wire stripping at home, then you may use a utility knife. This method does, however, require a steady hand and safety equipment such as a pair of gloves. Check out this informative video for tips on how to safely and effectively strip copper wire using a utility knife.

Stripping Copper Wire with Handheld Strippers
If you're going to be stripping a lot of copper wire, then you should invest in a pair of high-quality handheld wire strippers. Using wire strippers is quick and easy. Simply cut into the insulation near one end of the wire, slide the strippers to the other end of the wire, and the insulation will come right off.

Stripping Copper Wire with a Tabletop Stripper
For the biggest copper wire stripping projects you may want to purchase an automated tabletop wire stripper such as the Copper Extractor. It can save you a lot of time and effort and will pay for itself if you have a lot of wire to sell. If, however, you're not up for making the investment just yet, you can try your hand at making this homemade wire stripper instead.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Calgary

If you're looking for good prices on your scrap metal in SE Calgary, then come see us at Federal Metals. Our Calgary metal recyclers will buy your ferrous, non-ferrous, and electronic metals at competitive prices. As long as your copper wire is stripped of its plastic insulation, we will be more than happy to take it off your hands.

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