Steel and Metal Products in Calgary

Are you in need of steel and metal products for commercial and industrial applications? Federal Metals Inc., a scrap metal recycling facility and one of the most trusted metal suppliers in Calgary, has the products and the customer service that you're looking for.

Choosing recycled metals for your business needs is a smart economical decision, as they are more affordable but provide the same quality. Here are the different products available from the metal recyclers at Calgary's Federal Metals Inc.:

Steel Angle

Steel angle, due to its strength, versatility, and flexibility, has endless manufacturing, construction, repair, and fabrication applications. At Federal Metals Inc. we carry 10- and 20-foot steel angle lengths which come in a variety of cuts and weights, with unique specifications available upon request.

Steel Channel

The perfect combination of sturdy and light, steel channel is used extensively in structure-enhancing and edging projects and is a staple of industrial maintenance. Our steel channel is available in 10- and 20-foot lengths, but you can let us know if you require different sizes.

Steel Flat Bar

Also available in requested or 10- and 20-foot length from Federal Metals Inc., steel flat bar is a popular steel product for fabrication, maintenance, repairs, construction, and transportation. Easy to cut and weld to your specific needs, steel flat bar is highly economical for many different applications.

Steel HSS Square & Rectangle Tubing

Square and rectangular steel HSS tubing is often implemented in construction and engineering projects for steel frames. Federal Metals Inc. carries HSS tubing lengths of 10, 12, 20, and 24 feet, and can provide other sizes on request.

A53 GR B Schedule 40 Welded Pipe

Made of a carbon-steel alloy, A53 welded pipe is commonly used for structural support in construction projects and for other industrial pressure applications. Our high-quality A53 welded pipe is available in 10.5 and 21-foot lengths.

Hot-Rolled Steel Plates

Hot-rolled steel plates, which have been pressed down to a predetermined thickness by rollers, are found everywhere out in the world. They are used for road work, in garage work benches, on oil rigs, and in high-rise buildings. Steel plates can come in any size, thickness, and weight you need.

Round & Squared Steel Plates

Steel round bar and square steel bar are perhaps as versatile and abundant as hot-rolled steel plates. As they can be easily welded, drilled, and cut, round and squared steel plates are often used in industrial, commercial, and even domestic projects.

Your Trusted Calgary Metal Suppliers

Federal Metals Inc. has been providing metal supplies, scrap metal recycling, and fair scrap metal prices in Calgary since 1950. We cater to small family-owned businesses, large muti-national businesses, and everyone in between. We have the right products for all of your commercial and industrial needs.

Feel free to take a closer look at the steel and metal products sold at Federal Metals Inc., or, if you'd like to talk to one of our friendly representatives, to get in touch with us by phone or e-mail.

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