Some Common and Not-So-Common Places to Find Copper

Not only is copper one of the most valuable metals that you can bring to a Calgary scrap metal recycling facility, it is also a metal that you can track down quite easily if you know where to look. Due to its versatility, copper is hiding all around you. From the Calgary metal recyclers at Federal Metals Inc., here are some common and not-so-common places where you can find copper.

- Inside electronics 

Old electronics are a great source of scrap copper, especially copper wire. Any electronic item you might have laying around or can get your hands on will be full of copper wire that you can remove, strip, clean, and sell to metal recyclers and suppliers in Calgary. Take a look inside old cell phones, laptops, televisions, DVD players, VCRs, and cameras.

- On plumbing pipes and fixtures

Copper is commonly used in plumbing system components as well, particularly in the piping. If you or anyone you know is having their plumbing system upgraded, then don't let those copper pipes end up in the landfill. The copper piping may come with brass attachments, which can also be sold for a good price.

- Inside appliances

Another great place to look for copper that you can sell at a Calgary scrap metal facility is inside old appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioning units, and refrigerators. You'll find plenty of copper wire and copper coils to sell.

- Inside a car

Every copper scrapper would love to get their hands on an old car. Cars can contain as much as 40 kg of copper, with over 1 km of copper wiring. Copper is an essential component of a car's signalling and safety systems, and it can also be found on car batteries, alternators, connectors, radiators, and bearings.

- On pots and pans

It is not all that uncommon for pots and pans to be made out of copper. Rummage around through your kitchen cupboards to see if any pots and pans which you no longer use are made out of copper.

- At a construction or home renovation site

If you notice that a house in your neighbourhood is undergoing a renovation, then you can offer haul off any copper and spare metals. By introducing yourself to foremen and builders you may even be able to pick up scrap copper from major construction projects. Be sure that you always obtain permission to remove copper from a construction or renovation site.

Copper Recycling in Calgary

Whether your copper haul is on the smaller or the larger side, Federal Metals Inc. will offer you fair scrap metal prices in Calgary. We have been providing scrap metal and copper recycling services in Calgary since 1950, and we are committed to making the scrapping process as easy and convenient for our clients as possible. If you're dealing with large amounts of scrap metal, ask about our bin service.

Whatever your recycling and scrapping needs are, Federal Metals Inc. is here to help. Just visit or contact our scrap yard today.

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