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Scrapping an Entire Car in Calgary? Call Federal Metals Inc. First

Do you have an old vehicle that doesn't do much but sit and collect rust in the driveway? Federal Metals Inc. can take that clunker off your hands. We buy scrap cars at our metal recycling facility in Calgary and recycle the metal components so that they can be used again in new metal products. Just give us a call, tell us about your old car, and we can let you know where to go from there. 

If you're wondering why you may want to scrap your old car in the first place, here is some good reading about the benefits of offering your car as scrap metal.

7 Things You Should Do Before You Scrap Your Car

Before you scrap your old car, you can make the process easier on yourself and your Calgary scrap metal recycling facility by following these seven tips:

Clean It Out

First thing's first, your old car should be cleaned out before you scrap it. There's no need for fine detailing, but make sure you at least remove any trash and large debris. This will also give you a chance to gather up any personal belongings that might still be in the vehicle.

Remove the Plate

It's a good idea to remove your plate and return it to a registry office once you've made the choice to scrap a vehicle. Doing so will protect you from any liability should the plate be stolen.

Transfer the Ownership

Another important way to protect yourself is to transfer ownership of your vehicle to the Calgary scrap metal and copper recycling facility you intend to scrap it with.

Cancel Your Insurance

Now that you'll no longer be using the vehicle, make sure you cancel your insurance policy so that you don't make any more payments towards it. If you paid for your policy in advance, you should also check if you're entitled to a refund.

Use up Any Remaining Gas

If your car is still road-worthy and has some gas left in the tank, then take it on a few last errands before sending it off to be scrapped. If it isn't safe to drive, however, then you're better off siphoning the gas.

Drain Any Remaining Fluids

Any other fluids in the vehicle, such as the oil, transmission fluid, and coolant, should likewise be drained before Calgary metal recyclers take the car off your hands.

Remove the Parts You Want to Sell Individually

If they are still in working condition, then components such as a car stereo or GPS system can be removed and sold individually. Likewise, as long as you can throw some blading tires onto your vehicle so that it can be towed to the recycling facility, you may want to remove tires that are still in good condition to either sell or use on another car.

If you don't want to scrap the whole car, there are also a variety of scrap metals available in old cars that you can sell for great scrap metal prices in Calgary.

Have Some More Questions? Federal Metals Inc. is Here to Help

Scrapping a car whole or for parts doesn't have to be a stressful experience. The scrap metal recyclers at Calgary's Federal Metals Inc. are more than happy to answer any more questions that you might have and to tell you all about how we recycle old cars. For all your Calgary scrap metal recycling needs, just contact Federal Metals Inc. today.

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