How to Scrap Metals the Safe Way

Collecting and selling scrap metal for cash can be both a fun and lucrative venture, but it isn't without a few risks. Scrap metal is often heavy, sharp, and rusted, and can lead to cuts, strains, sprains, and other injuries if not handled correctly.

The Calgary scrap metal recyclers and suppliers at Federal Metals have several decades of experience scrapping metals in the safe way. Here are four of our top tips to help you scrap metal more safely and efficiently:

- Take care when lifting heavy objects

Back injuries are common among scrap metal recyclers, who often like to take on a bit more than they can comfortably handle! Take care when lifting heavy loads and don't lift with your back, but with your legs. Avoid turning while lifting as well, and make sure you are standing up straight before doing so. If you have a load that is over half your own weight, then either break it down into smaller loads or enlist the help of a friend to carry it.

- Wear appropriate clothing and safety gear

When handling scrap metal, you should try to wear clothing that covers your skin, which means full-length sleeves and full-length pants. Important safety gear includes a strong pair of boots, thick gloves that will protect your hands from cuts and lacerations, and a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes. It is also highly advisable when working with scrap metal that you make sure your tetanus vaccination is up-to-date.

- Clean your skin of chemical residue

Scrap metal is often found in places where hazardous chemicals are also likely to reside. While wearing proper clothing and protective gear should be your main defense in keeping these chemicals at bay, you likely will still get some on your skin from time to time. It is important to wash any chemicals off your skin using warm, soapy water, and to see a doctor if you notice any skin irritation.

- Tie your scrap metal down securely for transport

Finally, injuries can occur not only from handling scrap metal, but from transporting it throughout Calgary as well. When you are bringing your metal to a scrap yard you need to make sure that it is properly tired down and secured for transport. Using ratchet straps, cargo nets, tarps, or a combination of all three can help you get where you need to go without causing injury to yourself or anyone else on the road.

How to Find Good Scrap Metal Prices in Calgary

The only way to ensure that you get the price you deserve for all of your hard work is to visit a scrap yard with years of experience and a solid reputation.

Federal Metals is proud to have been providing scrap metal and copper recycling services in Calgary since 1950. We are committed to making metal recycling in Calgary a positive and beneficial experience for everyone involved. Visit Federal Metals today to sell your scrap metal for competitive prices.

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