Old Recyclable Vehicle

Old-Car Logic: Top Reasons Why Recycling Your Junk Car is a No-brainer

You and your vehicle have gone through a lot together. So when your car is no longer suitable to drive, you know you’ll have to let it go, but the thought of it sitting smashed up in a landfill breaks your heart.

If you are experiencing this situation right now, you aren’t the only one. Approximately 1.2 million cars reach the end of their lives each year in Canada. However, you don’t have to leave your car in a landfill.

With Federal Metals, you can sell and recycle the scrap metal from your trusty vehicle so it can be reused elsewhere.

What other reasons do you have for recycling scrap metal from your car? Read on:

Give Your Car a New Purpose

On average, 75% of a car’s materials can be completely recycled. Other car owners may then use the individual parts in good condition to repair their own vehicles. The rest of the car will go through a shredder, so the usable material is sorted out to be made into all sorts of products.

Protect the Environment
By recycling your car, manufacturers will not need to produce as much steel, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many companies crush cars without removing the battery and fluids first, releasing harmful toxins. At Federal Metals, the recycling process itself is better for the earth.

Earn Money Easily
Federal Metals pays competitive prices for all types of metal, including the scrap from your used car, so you’ll have money to put toward your new mode of transportation. Simply call us or complete our contact form for a quote.

Even recycling one car makes a difference. Give us a call at 403-236-0402 and see what other benefits we can offer with our metal recycling services.

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