Does Recycling Lower the Quality of Metal in Calgary?

So—you need to purchase a large supply of steel beams for an upcoming construction project and you are weighing your options. You would prefer to use recycled metal if you can, but will it hold up? Does recycling metal lower its quality or compromise its strength?

Is All Metal Recyclable?

Not all metals are created equal. Some metals are ideal for recycling because they can be melted down and reformed repeatedly without losing any strength.

Aluminum and steel are two types of metal that are used over and over to create new things. In fact, recycling aluminum has become so common you could drop a soda can in a recycling bin and drink from the same can in as little as 60 days.

Recycling is good for the environment because it cuts down on the demand for mining new material. Steel is used so often it is virtually impossible to find pure steel for purchase. Mills manufacturing steel products use 25-100% recycled steel in everything they make.

Other metals like lead, platinum, nickel, and zinc are recyclable also, but scrap dealers don’t always accept them because the process to recycle these metals differs.

Finally, precious metals like gold and silver have been recycled for ages and can offer significant value to the person selling them. Again, scrap dealers may not accept precious metals as the process of recycling precious metals varies.

Does Recycling Metal Lower the Quality of It?

No—recycling steel does not compromise the quality or strength of metal. Even precious metals can be recycled with no degradation.

Nearly all grades of steel can be melted down and recreated into new products easily. Due to the high melting point of steel, any contaminants within the steel are eliminated during the process of recycling. It is because of this high melting point that recycling steel is seen as an effective and efficient process.

Some people are under the impression that recycling stainless steel lowers the quality of the product. This is not the case. This impression may come as a result of recycled plastic or rubber products that look noticeably different than their original counterpart. Metal is not the same as other materials in terms of recycling.

Once again, this is due to the high melting point of metal. The process of recycling this material actually purifies the element with heat. Metal is a completely renewable, reusable resource available to us.

Does Recycled Metal Offer Any Additional Benefits?

There are many benefits for recycling metal in Calgary. Recycling is not exactly a new trend either. There is evidence throughout history of mankind advocating recycling, dating back as far back as 400 B.C.

Archeologists have found evidence of areas where scrap material was collected. It is theorized this was how ancient civilizations gathered reusable materials during periods when resources were scarce. Recycling trends have hit highs and lows throughout the decades—usually in sync with the demand for it. As the need for metal increases, the trend of recycling it increases.

Because this material is a completely renewable and reusable substance, recycled metal should be the majority of what’s used for new construction and appliances. Here are some of the additional benefits recycling metal provides.

It’s Earth-friendly
Recycling metal and reforming it requires much less energy than does mining for it. Recycling metal eliminates a large portion of hazardous waste from polluting the air, soil, and streams.

It also ensures protection of the natural habitat where mining would normally occur. Mining requires a significant amount of fossil fuels and leaves scars on the earth’s surface. Recycling metal eliminates an otherwise harmful event that deteriorates our natural ecosystem in a major way.

It Reduces Waste

There is a significant amount of scrap metal in landfills throughout the world. That means there is useable waste available to us. Not only does using scrap metal clear unsightly eyesores, it frees up space in the landfill. Reducing waste while simultaneously adding space is a win-win for humanity.

It Is Valuable
When it comes time to replace your refrigerator, what do you with the old one? Now you have a place to donate or sell old appliances, cars, and jewelry. Precious metals are valuable, but so is your old cell phone and computer. Don’t throw it away—find out where you can sell it. It is valuable and convenient.

Did you know . . . even old batteries are valuable? If you want to find out what you can recycle, just search the internet for companies who recycle or scrap dealers in your area. Additionally, you might be eligible to receive tax credits for recycling. Many corporations who implement large-scale recycling programs for the materials they use see benefits in the form of tax breaks.

Find out what value is available to you. There is no reason to not get credit for helping our environment.

It Helps the Economy

The recycling business contributes billions to the economy every year. It provides jobs to those who manufacture recycled products like steel. It also contributes physical products for purchase. Over 60% of all steel used in North America is made with recycled metal. That steel gave jobs to those sold it, remade it, and to all those who used it to help build new structures.

Recycling metal in Calgary is a no-brainer. It helps the earth and the people on it—helping to make the earth go ‘round.

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