Recycling Copper

Recycling Copper: It's More than Just a Good Deed

You know that you’re supposed to recycle paper bags and aluminum cans, but what about the objects around your home that have copper in them? You may have utensils, tools, pipes, wires, electronic devices, door knobs, and other objects that have copper in them. What do you do with these objects when you don't need them anymore?

Many people choose to donate their copper tools and cookware to thrift stores, but what if you’d like to make a little money off your donation? What if you’d like to help the environment at the same time? If you donate your copper to a designated recycling centre, you reap benefits for yourself and the environment all at once.

Recycling Copper Helps the Environment

When you recycle your copper, you help the environment and your community in the following ways:

  1. The price of copper stays low. It costs less money to recycle copper than it costs to mine and refine it. If you recycle, fixtures and devices made out of copper won’t cost as much money.
  2. The price of landfills stays low. If you throw away your copper instead of recycling it, it ends up in landfills, and many landfills are quickly filling up, which means that waste removal and landfill construction are getting expensive. Do your part to keep trash out of landfills and recycle instead.
  3. You preserve limited resources. We’ve only used a small part of the world’s supply of copper, but the demand for copper is increasing all the time. Make sure none of that precious copper goes to waste, because we will run out of it eventually.
  4. You save some of the world’s energy. Recycling copper uses only a fraction of the energy that it takes to mine and refine it. Mining companies will use less coal, wood, gasoline, and other non-renewable, pollution-producing sources of energy.
  5. You reduce emissions. Mining produces a lot of emissions from fuel consumption, but it also releases gases trapped in the ground and sweeps a lot of dust up into the air. If you recycle, these gases won’t contaminate our air either.

Recycle Your Copper

If you’d like to recycle your copper, then you need to do it at a designated recycling facility like Federal Metals. We’ll even pay you for the metals that you give to us. You’ll help the environment and yourself just by dropping off your old copper. It really is worth the effort to recycle your metals properly. Call us at 403-236-0402 or fill out our online form.

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