Recycled Computer Parts

What Happens to a Recycled Computer?

Some of us feel nostalgia when we replace our electronic devices, and some of us feel a rush of elation as we realize that we’ve escaped our old, clunky computers. Whatever you feel, you should also experience some sense of accomplishment as you send your computer off to be recycled.

Yes. You should recycle your computer. Computers and other electronic devices are full of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, and those substances will harm the environment if they end up in a landfill. If you send your computer to a recycling centre, you’ll protect the environment.

Here’s how the recycling process works:

Salvage the useable parts.

It’s okay if you give the recycling centre a computer that doesn’t work. They can still use the parts and materials inside it. If the LCD or CPU inside your computer is intact, the workers will separate them and take them to be refurbished. Most other materials will be further processed for a whole new level of recycling.

They’ll sort everything else for further processing or disposal.

Motherboards, hard drives, batteries, steel reinforcements, plastics, cables, and other parts will each be sorted into giant groups, shredded into tiny bits, and melted down. Recycling centres can send the metals to manufacturers to use in entirely new products. Recycling centres reuse over 85% of the materials in your old computers. The other 15% goes into an incinerator to generate energy, but don’t worry: none of those materials are toxic.

When you recycle, you help the environment, but you also give manufacturers a cheap way to buy ore instead of mining it. Your favourite metal and plastic products will all be cheaper because of your wise decision. Don’t throw your old electronics in the trash! Recycle them at your nearest metal recycling centre today!

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