Introduction to Scrapping Copper Wire

Many Calgary residents have discovered that there is money to be made from bringing copper wire to a Calgary copper recycling facility. If you're also getting started in the scrap metal business and want to make some extra money by getting good scrap metal prices, then this introduction to scrapping copper wire is for you.

Types of Copper Wire

Before you head out and start searching for copper wire to scrap, there is one main copper wire distinction you need to be aware of.

High-quality wire that holds its shape and has a wider thickness than a standard pencil lead is known as #1 copper wire. The most valuable type of #1 copper wire is called bare bright. Bare bright wire is clean, bare, unalloyed, and uncoated. On the other hand, #2 copper wire includes wire which is thinner, not clean, coated, and oxidized.

Another important distinction that you should know is that non-insulated copper wire is worth more than insulated copper wire. If possible, you should always take the time to strip your copper wire.

If you'd like to see good examples of different types of copper wire, then take a look at this helpful introduction to scrapping copper wire video.

Where to Find Copper Wire

Copper wire that you can bring to a scrap metal recycler in Calgary can be found in all sorts of household items. Look inside TV monitors, computer monitors and computer towers, small appliances, large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, and small electronics such as cell phones and cameras.

Scrap electrical copper wire can also be found at remodeling and demolition sites throughout the Calgary area. As you're always sure to find construction underway at numerous Calgary locations, you have a good chance of finding someone who may need you to haul off their scrap. Make sure, however, that you always secure permission before walking onto a construction site and doing so.

How to Strip Copper Wire

You'll have to strip the insulation off your copper wire before selling it to a scrap metal recycler. If you're dealing with just a few loads of wire every month, then you'll likely be able to get the job done with a pair of handheld strippers, or even just a good utility knife.

As your operation grows larger, however, using hand tools can become too tedious and time consuming. If you're dealing with over 100 pounds of copper wire monthly, then investing in an automated wire stripper that mounts on a tabletop can be a very good idea.

Where to Scrap Copper Wire in Calgary

After you've found it, stripped it, and sorted it, it'll be time to sell your copper wire. Federal Metals Inc in SE Calgary is a copper recycling facility that can offer you friendly, reliable service and competitive prices for your hard work.

If you're new to scrap metal recycling in Calgary and still have more questions, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Federal Metals and have your questions answered.

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