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Interesting Copper Facts that Might Surprise You

Occupying periodic table element number 29, copper is one of the most important minerals to humankind. Used in numerous trades and industries, copper is prized for its thermal, electrical, ductile, and malleable properties.

Interested in knowing more about this fascinating metal? Here are some copper facts from the Calgary scrap metal recyclers at Federal Metals that just might surprise you:

Fact #1 - Copper has been used for thousands of years

The usefulness of copper is far from a modern discovery. Human beings have been using copper for at least 10,000 years. It was used extensively by the Romans, the Egyptians, and by Neolithic people around the world to make tools, art, jewellery and currency, all of which copper is still used for today. Interestingly enough, the Egyptians used the symbols of the ankh to represent both copper and life.

Fact #2 - Copper is important for bodily health

Copper is not only found abundantly in the earth, but also in the human body. In fact, copper is a vital component of life. It is crucial for blood cell formation, fetal development, heart health, healthy teeth, healthy bones, healthy connective tissue, brain development, and brain function. It's harder to think of an area in the body where copper isn't needed than where it is.

Fact #3 - Copper is used extensively in alloys

An alloy is a mixture of either one or more metal or a metal and one or more other elements. Copper is so easily able to alloy with other metals that there are over 500 known copper alloys, with perhaps the best known being brass (made up of copper and zinc) and bronze (made up of tin and copper). Alloys are often used to enhance some of the natural properties of copper.

Fact #4 - Copper is used extensively in modern homes

Because of its electrical and insulating properties, copper is a staple of modern home building. Today's average home, if it is around 2,100 square feet, can easily contain over 400 pounds of copper. Almost half of that copper can be found in the home's wiring, copious amounts in the home's pipes and plumbing fixtures, and plenty more in appliances and other home hardware.

Fact #5 - Copper is highly recyclable

What happens to all of the copper used in our homes, automobiles, tools, and numerous other applications when we are finished with it? Thankfully, because copper is highly recyclable, much of it gets taken to scrap metal recycling facilities in Calgary, where is can fetch great scrap metal prices.

Scrap Copper at Federal Metals Inc. in Calgary
The majority of all of the copper ever mined in the world is still in use today, helping to reduce demand for virgin ore and the destructive mining practices needed to extract it. At Federal Metals we are proud to be helping out the environment by carrying out copper recycling in Calgary.

If you wish to sell scrap copper or to buy recycled copper for a good price, then don't hesitate to contact the scrap metal recycler and suppliers at Federal Metals today.

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