Encourage Recycling

How to Encourage Recycling in Your Community

You’re a green-minded individual. You care about the rising heaps of landfill waste, the risks of climate change, and the depletion of natural resources. You might feel dejected sometimes that your passion for recycling isn’t shared by your community.

If you feel this way, don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself (and the planet), do something about it! Follow these tips on encouraging recycling in your community to get more people on board with a green lifestyle.

Choose a Specific Community Group

Although we would like to see all of Canada embrace a more comprehensive recycling policy, it’s unlikely you can start by making national changes. Instead, choose a smaller sphere where you have more influence. Do you volunteer at your children’s school? Do you belong to a church group? Are you active in local government? Do you have a job? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a community that you can influence to be more environmentally responsible.

Do Your Research
If you want your community to listen to you, become an expert on the subject. Make a specific plan to present to community leaders. If you want to install recycling bins, find out details about how much it will cost, choose a selection of companies that can provide the service, and research the benefits your program will provide to the community.

Approach Your Community Leaders
Once you’ve got your facts, figure out who you should talk to. If you’re not sure, try browsing the website of the community centre to find contact information. Try to talk to someone who can actually put your plan in motion. If you’re focusing on making changes at work, contact your HR department or talk to your boss. For local government offices and schools, call the secretary. She will be the most capable of getting you to the right person. At church, find out if you have existing community outreach programs. If you do, talk to the head of the group. If you don’t, talk to your church leader about starting one.

Once you’ve got your community leaders’ attention, you should probably set up a separate meeting to make a full presentation. You want to be as convincing as possible so your plan can become action.

Present Your Idea
Be flexible about the format of your presentation. Some organizations may require a formal presentation, while others may simply want to have an informal conversation. In either case, have your research ready. The community leader will likely have questions and concerns about your plan. Be sensitive to those concerns and try to come up with solutions that will fit their needs.

Follow Up
Once you’ve presented your plan, you probably will want to get started right away. Be patient. Your community organization will likely need to create a budget for your plan and get approval from other parties, which could take time.

However, don’t let the process get stagnant. Be sure to follow up with the organization to see how they’ve progressed in implementing your plan. If all goes well, you should see results soon!

If you need ideas on how to improve your community, consider scrap metal recycling. Call us at 403-236-0402 today for more information or fill out our online form.

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