How Does Recycled Metal Compare to New Metal?

Humans have been mining the earth for new metals to meet metal consumption demands for thousands of years. Alongside the mining industry there has always existed another industry of recycling the metals which have already been used. Most of the copper that has ever been mined, for example, is still in circulation. Today, scrap metal recycling facilities in Calgary such as Federal Metals Inc. continue to increase the amount of metal that is recycled and reused.

But how does recycled metal compare to new metal? Does it decrease in quality and usability at all? You may be surprised by the answer.

The Quality of Recycled Metal

Metal and copper recycling in Calgary does not compromise the usability or quality of the metals. Due to the high melting point of metals, metal recyclers in Calgary can recycle metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum with no degradation. Products made from recycled metals can be used in all of the same applications and to the same effect as products made of new metals. Furthermore, recycled metals don't have to be refined as much as new metals.

The metal recycling process begins by melting each type of metal in a large furnace specifically designed for that metal's unique properties. The furnace is heated to the required temperature, and the melting process can take anywhere from minutes to hours depending on factors such as the amount of metal that is being melted and the size of the furnace.

Once melted down, the metal is purified of any contaminants to ensure a high-quality final product. This can be done in a number of different ways. Sometimes, a powerful magnetic system is passed over the metal in order to draw out any ferrous metals. Other times, a process known as electrolysis creates the chemical reactions necessary to purify the metal.

Scrap metal recycling is highly beneficial for the environment, as it cuts down on landfill waste and reduces the need to perform environmentally destructive mining operations. Recycling is also cheaper than mining for new metals. Though the process of melting and refining metals does require energy, it takes far less energy to recycle metal than to refine new metal from an ore. There process therefore produces far less greenhouse gasses.

The more that businesses and individuals become involved in sustainable scrap metal recycling in Calgary and throughout the world, the less we'll need to rely on supplies of newly-mined metals.

Federal Metals Inc.: Scrap Metal Recyclers and Suppliers in Calgary

A Calgary scrap metal recycling facility, Federal Metals Inc. buys a variety of different scrap metals for fair scrap metal prices in Calgary. We then recycle them, refine them, and provide quality, recycled metal products to the industries that need them. Our melting and purification process ensure that the final product can be used in all of the same applications as new metals.

If you have scrap metal in Calgary that needs recycling, or you're looking to purchase metal products in Calgary, just visit Federal Metals Inc. today.

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