Finding and Selling Scrap Copper from an Old Car

Copper recycling in Calgary is a great way to make some extra cash and do your part to help out the environment by decreasing the need to mine for virgin ore. One of the best sources of scrap copper and other scrap metals are old cars. Instead of sending the whole car off to be junked, you can take it apart for the copper inside and sell that copper to a Calgary scrap metal recycler and supplier such as Federal Metals Inc.

Copper has been an important component of vehicles since they were first introduced and used in the early 20th century. It was, and continues to be, a staple in vehicle functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency. Depending on the vehicle, you can find around 1.5km of copper wiring and anywhere from 15kg to 45kg of total copper after taking it apart. Copper is used even more extensively in hybrid and electric cars.

If you've got an old car on your hands and the necessary technical skills to take it apart, then separating the copper can definitely be worth your time. Removing copper parts and selling them separately is much more profitable than selling the whole car to a junk yard.

Your first step when taking apart a car for scrap copper will be to disconnect the battery, remove all engine hoses, and make sure all wires are disconnected from the engine. You can then drain all of the fluids and remove the engine. Once the engine is out, it will be much easier to remove other components from under the hood. Next, you can remove the car's tires and, finally, remove all interior parts and dismantle the body.

You will find copper wiring all throughout the car, as it is used for the relaying of information among your car's safety and signaling systems, computer, and radio. Your car's starters and alternators are also made almost entirely of copper, and copper is an essential component of car batteries, radiators, brakes, connectors, and bearings.

While scouring your vehicle for scrap copper you will also come across other metals that can be sold for good scrap metal prices in Calgary. Aluminum, in the form of cast aluminum, can often be found within the engine and along the rims of doors and hoods, lead is typically used in the car battery and in the wheel weights, and stainless steel is sometimes used to make exhaust pipes.

Sell Scrap Copper in Calgary
Once you've finished dismantling your car and removing all of the copper and other metal components, you can take your haul to Federal Metals Inc., a trusted Calgary scrap metal recycling facility. A family-owned scrap metal recycler and supplier in Calgary since 1950, Federal Metals Inc. is committed to making sure that you get fair prices for all of your hard work. Our scrap yard is located in SE Calgary and easily accessed from Glenmore trail. If you've got some copper from an old vehicle, sell your scrap copper and metal to Federal Metals Inc. today.

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