Federal Metals Inc. Makes Metro News over Stolen Scrap Metal in Calgary

Federal Metals Inc. made headlines last month when newscasters highlighted the growing issue over stolen scrap metal. Metal and aluminum recycling in Calgary is a growing industry, but due to the equally increasing theft in industrial premises, scrap metal companies are becoming a dumping ground for stolen goods.

The Burden on Scrap Metal Facilities

While the City of Calgary had implemented their program that targeted industrial theft, over the last few years that program has slowly dwindled, leaving companies like Federal Metals, Inc. with no one to call on for support.

Here is what Dan Klufas co-owner of Federal Metals Inc. and a vice-chair of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries had to say when speaking with Metro news: “We as scrap yards take on that responsibility of trying to inform police that there is stolen material,” he said. “But there’s not enough police to actually enforce it — or not enough police to focus on this issue and go after these bad guys.” He was also interviewed about it on CBC Radio.

Scrap yards are being forced to take the responsibility of monitoring goods that arrive at their facilities and flagging those they suspect as stolen goods. This is especially true with scrap copper in Calgary, because the market for copper goods is growing.
Why the Increase in Stolen Scrap Metal?
The recent increase in stolen scrap metal has nothing to do with the decrease in the task force. Instead, hard economic times are likely to blame. People are struggling to find work, are financially insecure and are being forced to take measures they would otherwise never do, such as stealing copper and scrap metal for a quick buck.

The Burden on Scrap Metal Companies

Scrap metal buyers such as Federal Metals Inc. have customers that come and sell their scrap metal components for money. These can include:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Ferrous metals
  • Electronics

However, scrap metal buyers can only go so far in terms of their “detective work” to determine whether or not a product sold for scrap is legitimate or stolen. Scrap dealers like Federal Metals, Inc. are doing their due diligence by asking sellers where they acquired the products to ensure they have a legitimate reason for possessing it. The responses they get for these questions may be true, false or none at all.

Numerous scrap metal dealers out there are not so responsible in investigating the components they receive, and Federal Metals, Inc. wants to increase awareness about this growing problem.

Federal Metals Inc. is an established scrap metal dealer in Calgary. Whether you are selling or buying metals and scrap copper in Calgary, you can trust in us to do our due diligence when acquiring these goods. Learn more about our process by calling us at 403-236-0402 or contact us online.

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