4 Common Metal Scrapping Mistakes to Avoid

4 Common Metal Scrapping Mistakes to Avoid

Recycling scrap metal in Calgary can be a lucrative way of making some extra cash on the side. You can get great prices for your scrap metal from metal recyclers and suppliers in Calgary, such as Federal Metals, as long as you know what you are doing and what mistakes to avoid. Here are four common mistakes that you should watch out for:

1) Not Preparing Your Metals

If you go to a scrap metal or copper recycling location in Calgary with improperly prepared materials you will likely still get paid, but not as much as if you take the time to get your metal ready. For example, you'll want to strip copper wires of their plastic insulation first, which you can do with a utility knife, a handheld stripper, or a tabletop stripper.

2) Not Being Knowledgeable About Your Metals

In order to make copper or scrap metal recycling worth your time and effort, you need to have some basic knowledge about the materials you are dealing with. You will especially want to brush up on different grades of copper, as some are worth significantly more than others. Bare bright copper wire, for example, is worth a lot more than insulated wire.

3) Choosing the Wrong Scrap Metal Recycler

Going to a scrap yard with a bad reputation may be the most costly mistake you can make when trying to make money off selling scrap metal. Choosing a yard with a good reputation, on the other hand, will insure that you get a fair price and that you are met with friendliness and professionalism. Federal Metals is a well-respected yard that has been serving Calgary since 1950. We are committed to integrity and honesty in the buying, recycling, and selling of scrap metal.

4) Not Knowing What Materials Are Not Accepted

There are certain items that scrap yards will unfortunately not accept due to potential risks to the environment or to worker safety. Save yourself time and money by not bringing in items such as welding slag, sealed containers, steel rebar, fridges, freezers, microwaves, or items that at one time contained toxic chemicals.

If you have any questions about what materials can or can't be sold as scrap metal, or further questions about the metal recycling process, then don't hesitate to ask the friendly and knowledgeable experts at Federal Metals.

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