10 Ways That Scrap Metal Recycling Helps the Environment

Metal recyclers in Calgary help ensure that less reusable metal ends up taking up space in a landfill. The smaller a landfill is, the less energy and resources are needed to manage and maintain it.

Recycling plays a major role in helping the environment and preserving our natural resources. Scrap metal recycling in Calgary at Federal Metals Inc. ensures that the metals in the items you use every day can be melted down and used again. On top of providing you with good scrap metal prices, our Calgary metal and copper recycling process also benefits the environment by:

1) Reducing bulk landfill waste

2) Reducing toxic chemical leaching

On top of simply taking up space, scrap metals and scrap electronics left to sit in a landfill can begin to leach toxic chemicals into the soil, air, and water. Recycling completely eliminates this problem.

3) Keeping non-renewable resources out of the landfill

Another issue with tossing scrap metals into the trash is that it effectively takes a non-renewable resource out of circulation. Once dug out of the ground, metals can be used over and over again as long as they are properly recycled.

4) Reducing the need for virgin ore mining

The work done by metal recyclers and suppliers in Calgary helps to reduce the need to mine for virgin ore. Mining operations make it necessary to physically destroy the land, and they often cause serious erosion as well.

5) Preserving natural habitats

By reducing the need for mining operations, scrap metal recycling in Calgary helps to preserve the natural habitats of the plants and animals that live where a mine would otherwise have to be built or expanded.

6) Preventing air pollution

On top of destroying the land, mining operations release numerous pollutants into the air. The area surrounding a mine may be dangerous to the health of humans and wildlife.

7) Preventing water pollution

Another major problem with mines is water pollution. Toxic chemical runoff can contaminate rivers, lakes, and even marine environments. Metal recycling doesn't pose these risks as it is carried out in controlled facilities.

8) Lowering energy consumption

Mining for new ore requires far more energy than it takes to simply melt down and reuse the same metal. Aluminum is a great example of this, as it takes only 5% of the energy to recycle aluminum as it does to extract and smelt it.

9) Lowering greenhouse gas emissions

Recycling scrap metal contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions both because it reduces the energy needed to produce new metals and because it reduces the energy needed to manage a landfill.

10) Combating climate change

Greenhouse gas emissions are a direct cause of increasing global temperatures, making scrap metal recycling one of the easiest and most direct ways that you can help in the fight against climate change.

Help the Environment by Recycling Scrap Metal in Calgary

Scrap metal recycling is a great way to earn some extra cash and to make a small but important difference in the world. As a Calgary metal recycler and supplier, Federal Metals Inc. is proud that our operation helps the environment in the ways listed above, and more. If you have copper or metal recycling in Calgary, then you can bring it to the Federal Metals Inc. recycling facility today.

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