Steel Angle Bars

Federal Metals in Calgary Sells Steel Angle

Steel uniquely merges strength, flexibility, and versatility, which makes it the perfect product for most construction and structural projects. Steel is an endlessly recyclable property – it can be reused without detriment or degradation and is an ideal metal.

More specifically, steel angle is steel rolled into L-section bars to service your unique needs, from fence building to trailer construction.

Steel Angle Iron (Weight)

Weight 1/8 3/16 1/4 3/8
Equal Legs
1/2 x 1/2 0.39 lb - - -
3/4 x 3/4 0.59 lb - - -
1 x 1 0.80 lb 1.16 lb 1.49 lb -
11/4 x 11/4 1.01 lb 1.48 lb 1.92 lb -
11/2 x 11/2 1.23 lb 1.80 lb 2.34 lb -
2 x 2 1.65 2.44 lb 3.19 lb 4.70 lb
21/2 x 21/2 - 3.07 lb 4.10 lb 5.90 lb
3 x 3 - 3.71lb 4.90 lb 7.20 lb
4 x 4 - - 6.60 lb 9.80 lb
Unequal Legs
2 x 3 - 3.07 lb 4.10 lb -
21/2 x 31/2 - - - -
3 x 4 - - 5.80 lb -
3 x 5 - - 6.60 lb -

Why Choose Steel Angle for Calgary Projects?

Steel is already an incredibly versatile product; as steel angle its benefits and uses only grow. Apart from being both easily formed and incredibly durable, steel angle is easily recyclable. It is the perfect steel product for an environmentally-friendly project.

While steel angle is usually used to construct frames – including supports, braces, and cross members – it also has a wide variety of other uses; it can even be used in small, fun projects like kid’s sculptures. Steel angle is also perfect for any of your structural applications, industrial upkeep, or agricultural projects.

Our steel angle is available in a variety of weights and cuts.

Pick Federal Metal as Your Steel Angle Supplier

We provide steel angle to Calgary areas in 10- and 20-foot lengths. We also provide mill certifications upon request.

As one of the largest, most diverse metal providers in Calgary, we provide fast price estimates, top-notch customer service, and speedy deliveries. Our steel angle will meet whatever specifications your individual project requires.

Browse below to find the exact right steel angle for your project – and conveniently recycle any scraps at our facilities as well! If you require a different length or size than those we have listed, contact us for more information. Prices are subject to change.

Call us at 403-236-0402 or send us an email to purchase the steel pipes you need.

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