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Crumpled stainless steel

Federal Metals in Calgary Buys Your Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Federal Metals buys and recycles all kinds of non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel in Calgary. When you have scrap metal taking up room in your backyard or garage, it's time to come and see us! You'll walk out with money in exchange for that old metal heap. There's no better way to recycle dangerous or useless scrap metal. Even if your aluminum in Calgary is dirty with staples, cocking, weather stripping, etc., we'll take it!

See our lists below for details, and contact us with your questions.

Federal Metals processes all types of aluminum, stainless steel and copper in Calgary including:

Federal Metals processes all types of aluminum including:

● Extrusions - window and door
   frames, office partitions and
   more; both clean and dirty (with
   staples, cocking, weather
   stripping, etc.)

● Aluminum siding, soffit and
● Thermo break
● Sheets and bar
● Mixed low copper clips
● Poly coated
● Signs

● Lithography plates
● Shavings or turnings
● Truck and car rims
● 1100 series
● Casting - clean and dirty

● Valves
● Bar stock
● Turnings or shavings
● Bearings
● Bushings
● Stripped wire
● Pipe
● Turnings
● Bar stock
● Sheets
Insulated Wire
● All insulated copper and
   aluminum wire (pricing based
   on copper/aluminum size and
● Aluminum conductor steel-
   reinforced cable

Nickel Alloys
● Solid
● Turnings

Stainless Steel
● All grades (304, 316, etc.) clean
   and contaminated in solid or
   turning forms
Clean or dirty:
● Copper/brass
● Copper/aluminum
● Aluminum
● Air-to-air
Carbide/Tungsten Carbide
● Inserts
● Drills
● Bits
● Dies
If you have any of these metals taking up space, bring them to us and we'll take them off your hands. Call or visit Federal Metals today!